Financial Insanity: The American Consumer is Saving Less

Let's start with a general thought; "The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again hoping to achieve a different outcome"

According to the Wall Street Journal, the level of US consumer savings has reached a level not seen 12 years ago. The article shares what two important reasons may be the rise in prices (inflation) and the optimism that consumers have that the economy is improving and will provide higher incomes in the future.

Then, just like the recycled novels, we return to the same starting point before the economic crisis. Everything is going so well in our personal economy, and therefore macroeconomics, that we forget the pillars of a successful financial life: saving for emergencies, keeping debts to a minimum, having financial goals for the future. Then, when those financial setbacks and challenges come, we ask ourselves: Now what do I do if I do not have money? And we wrapped ourselves in a vicious cycle of debt, and we started reading and watching self-improvement videos, and we decided to take action again. Until we forget how difficult it was to go through this crisis, and we repeat it.

If you are going through financial abundance, and you feel as optimistic as the average consumer in the United States, we want you to reflect a little, and think about your financial goals, and the 2008-2009 crisis, and how important it is not deviate from saving. Now that everything is going so well is the time to think that everything does not last forever, and you have to have an emergency fund ready to help us when we need it. Remember that you have to invest in the future, with retirement funds, investment funds, in your own business, real estate, etc. This abundance is not here to buy the New iPhone, or more clothes, or a new car; This abundance is here to help us push our goals, and to be able to differentiate ourselves from the "bunch" that is the average consumer.

As you read the article in WSJ, or read more good news about the stock market, and the profits in mutual funds, remember those times where everything was not going so well. Also remember the scams and programs that promote wealth from one day to another. Do not forget your north, do not forget your goals, do not forget the savings and financial discipline. We all have a little crazy, but in this financial asylum, the sanest is the one who triumphs.